Dutch stall anywhere

Stroopwafelkraam, syrupwaffle stand or Treacle-waffle stand on location. 

We freshly bake syrupwaffles on any location for your guests during a promotion, staffparty, company presentation, grant, wedding, buffet or any other reason! 
Our syrup waffle stand is movable and compact, so it will fit in any location!
We can bake inside and outside, in a hotel or garden, gas or electric...anywhere the stand goes, there are freshly baked waffles! Even on a square meter..

Other stalls:

- poffertjes
- ice cream
- stroopwafels
- herring
- hot-dogs
- chocolate

Also for foreign trips the waffle stand is foldable for transport.
Of course we bake UNLIMITED fresh items on that day.

                   Contact me personally.
                   Maarten Kroeb
               +316 50 44 67 17